Earning $ Shields Will Get You $$$ Discounts

My $ Shields - that is our Rewards program for you. You heard it right it's your shield for dollars. Just get as much $ Shields as you can and you can use it on any items you want. If you're a Member of My $ Shields you'll definitely get lots of discounts!

Here's the conversion rate:

$ 2 discount which you can use for orders over $ 40 (you can redeem anytime)

$ 5 discount which you can use for orders over $ 50 ( you can redeem anytime)

$ 10 discount which you can use for orders over $ 100 ( you need 1000 Shields (points) to redeem)

2000 Shields = You get a free product

2500 Shields = $ 25 which you can use for orders over $ 150


How to get Shields?

It's really very easy. If you look at the bottom left side of your computer screen or mobile screen you'll see "My $ Shields" button. You need to click it and sign up and be a member of My $ Shields club.

After signing in here's the deal. Click that "My $ Shields" button again and you will see options of how to get Shields. You can actually do them all if you want. All you have to do is click on whatever you want to do first.

Let's start with the highest Shield giver.

1. Refer a Friend. Just tell anyone about a product and if your friend has successfully purchased, you will be given 500 Shields! That's $ 5 in an instant! And you can use it in any item with price over $ 50. But that's not all. Your friend will get 10% discount if he purchased because of your referral. So tell all your friends they can get a 10% discount if referred by you.So select this option on the "My $ Shield" box and refer as many friends as you want.

Or if you have atleast 5 of your friends make a successful purchase (that's 2500 Shields) then you can have one of our FREE offered products!

Hint for you:  Refer as many friends as you want but first select a product from our store that you think your friends will like as well and tell them about it or tag it on your friends facebook or twiiter and you'll be surprised you'll have 10 or more friends who'll actually make a successful purchase in no time at all. So what's in it for you? Well 10 friends who purchased would mean 5000 Shields for you. And 5000 shields is equal to a FREE product usually a High Quality SMART WATCH!

2. Share Us on Facebook.  It will post a link of TryShields website in your Facebook and it'll automatically give you 500 Shields.

3. Tweet About Us.  Just like in Facebook, a website link of our store will be posted on your tweet with a  simple message " I love this store". 500 Shields for that.

 4. Create an Account. You probably had already done this to avail of the free shipping and it will also automatically entitled you to a 100 Shields. 

5. Like Us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter This will give you 200 Shields for each.

6. Make an Order.  If you purchase an item with a price of let's say $ 200, this will give you 200 Shields. Conversion here is $1 = 1 Shield.  So by simply purchasing you are also getting discounts you may use on your next order.

Our system will automatically record all the $ Shields you got and will calculate the remaining Shields left after you use it for purchasing.

Here's what it looks like when you click that My $ Shield button on the lower left hand side of your screen:

My friends favorite is the " Refer a Friend" cause he always get $ 5 discounts. He'll always say to one of his colleagues " Do you want to buy this, it looks good on you. And I'll refer you so you can get a 10% discount. Buy it now."  His friend ordered with a 10% discount and my friend gets 500 Shields ( $ 5) for simply referring his friend.

Give it a go and get all those $ Shields. Get all the discounts you can get.

And watch out for our My $ Shields monthly "give away". Subscribe to receive updates from us.

That's it guys. Enjoy your stay.




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