About Us

How are you doing guys, thanks for stopping by!

This is our first Shopify general store. And I'm proud to belong to such an awesome eCommerce platform.

Just want to say a little bit about us. We operate our online store here in NZ .
We have a physical store selling computers and computer accessories and it's been running for about 5 years now and we also have some other stuff not related to computers that we sell in our store.  

We decided to put up an online general store that would primarily sell products that would be of real value especially to families. Valuable in the sense that the products would somehow give some kind of protection to the wellbeing of family members, for example a baby or a child. 

We are still in the process of looking for such products. And we will make them available for you. For the meantime you can browse and look for products that would be of benefit to you.

Not all of the products that we now have falls into the "protection" category but we will get there as soon as we can.

We hope that you will enjoy the products as we have enjoyed making them available for you.

By the way, in every purchase you do in our store, a percentage of that will go to helping kids in the Philippines and in some cases, giving help to underprivileged families. 

That's it guys. Welcome to our store and enjoy your stay.